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How Highcore Games achieved 49% LTV uplift through optimizing existing assets within the Tanks a Lot mobile game


Introduction to Highcore Games and Tanks a Lot

Highcore Games is a Belarusian mobile gaming company with multiple hyper-casual and casual games. Tanks a Lot is a real-time battle arena / 3v3 moba with powerful customizable tanks. Tanks a Lot requires careful strategy in both tank building and each lightning-fast battle.

Objective: Although profitable, the Tanks a Lot game needed to improve its limited UA scalability and thus improve player LTV.

How the analysis of qualitative and quantitative data discovered LTV growth opportunities within the Tanks a Lot mobile game 

The Tanks a Lot team had created a game that was ‘fun’ to play with an engaging metagame. However, scalability issues led to them seeking the services of SuperScale.  


After implementing the All-Inclusive Solution, SuperScale was able to quickly examine all available quantitative and qualitative data sources to discover LTV growth opportunities. The results of which led to upgrades in the following areas of the game: 

  • Economy balance: The economy was rebalanced to get taps and sinks in balance and therefore, maximize monetization
  • Unit power balance: Some units were overpowered and so the unit mix was not utilizing all units
  • New content: To further deepen spending potential, attractive units were introduced with new core gameplay mechanics
  • Ad placements design: Multiple new placements were introduced to players, which boosted conversion as well as ads/dau
  • Special offers: After careful analysis, segmented special offers were created to increase the relevance for the players

Tanks a Lot’s results after implementing SuperScales Analyze and Optimize solutions

+ 49% LTV Uplift which unlocked profitable UA spend in the hundreds of thousands

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