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How to rejuvenate your iOS marketing spend using SKAN data (On-demand)

SKAdNetwork has been here for almost 2 years yet we still see many UA teams being hesitant to increase their spend/budgets on iOS. With the mobile gaming market in decline, it is now more clear than ever that a game cannot reach its full potential without leveraging all the data that is available post-IDFA – even if it is difficult to interpret correctly.

In this webinar, we will cover the basics of SKAN and its impact on the industry. Not only this, but we will share real case studies of how we successfully handled UA on iOS as well as practical recommendations on how to get the most out of SKAN for your game. 


  • SKAN 101
  • The impact of SKAN on UA
  • The Impact on data
  • Conversion values understanding
  • The main challenges
  • The position of MMPs post-IDFA
  • Case study
  • Practical advice for iOS UA
  • How can SuperScale help?
  • Q&A

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