About Us

Ivan Trancik

CEO & FOUNDER of Superscale

Following my true passion – helping world’s best game developers to scale their games under their own brand – I founded SuperScale in 2015 with a goal to become a go-to growth partner for game developers with games that have Top 500 grossing potential.

As an entrepreneur, game growth-hacker and gamer together with my team we helped to scale over 100 games with more than 2 billion downloads on mobile combined and over 20 million sold copies on PC/Console in total.


MEET Our team 

Jean-Benoit Sorge

Chief Commercial Officer

Robert Magyar

Chief Delivery Officer

Alzbeta Trancik

Chief Strategy Officer

Michal Minarik

Head of
Technical Sales

Katarina Vicenova

Head of HR

Martin Luther

Head of Creative

Milan Strba

Head of User Acquisition

Jakub Trancik

Head of Big
Data & Game Design

Jozef Tvaroska

Head of Playable

Want to join the club?

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